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moon-eyed horse writing journal

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moon-eyed horse writing journal
moon-eyed horse writing journal

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American literature
Writing Reading Journal
I think Mark twain is sharing a greedy and duplicity of humanity. The reason is we can see in the beginning of the story. In the beginning of the story, “It was so proud of it, and so anxious to insure its perpetuation, that it began to teach the principles of honest dealing to its babies in the cradle, and made the like teaching the staple of the..” it means hardly burg’s people train young people to keep their honesty because they can get some profit as a member of the town. For example, if they write ‘from hardly burg on their resume, they can get credit just for hardly burg. But for someone’s revenge, Hardly burg’s people fell into temptation. The temptation is much bigger than they experienced so they lied to get money. Therefore mark twain tried to tell human’s greedy to get bigger one and duplicity of human because on the surfaces people looked honesty but actually they pretended to be honest to get a profit.
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